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German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Minnesota, Inc.
Home2013 April Horseback Field Trial


Our 2013 April Horseback Field Trial was held on April 13-14 at Crow Hassan Park Reserve near Rogers, MN.


New for 2013 our club added another horseback field trial to compliment our walking trial and traditional horseback trial over Memorial Day weekend. 

The seemingly never ending grip of winter this year has kept many of us up north from getting the required dog work in to get them into trial shape.  I think this was reflected in the light entry of 42 over 5 stakes.  Thursday prior to the trial old man winter dumped another few inches of wet snow on the area.  A few brave, or crazy, souls still decided to make a weekend of field trialing.
We would like to thank Mary Reynolds and Loyall for all the support they provide to our club.  For this trial they provided bags of food to the stake winners along with financial support.  Also would like to thank the judges for taking the time to give back to our sport.  Steve Ralph, Todd Manns, Dan Erickson and Dan Voss committed earlier this year and stepping up late to lend a hand was Kevin Jahr and Wes Lodes.  Thank you all for your effort, help, and support.

Despite the snow on the ground and the cooler than average temperatures, the trial went well.  We were lucky that we had found great birds that lived and flew well even in these conditions.  The handlers and judges all kept going with good attitudes.

We look forward to having this trial again next year, with hopefully more seasonable weather.