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German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Minnesota, Inc.
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On Friday June 8th, 2012 we hosted double Specialty Show, Obedience Trial and a Rally Trial at the Scott County Fair Grounds in Jordan, MN.


This was in conjunction with the Lake Minnetonka Kennel Club on June 9-10, 20012


 The Specialty shows, Obedience Trial and Rally Trial was a huge success again this year.
Nothing would have gone on without our judges. Lacy Bauers Mom and Step-Dad offered to pickup the
two judges (coming in 3 hours apart) from the airport and take them to the hotel in Shakopee. That was
so helpful for them to do that. A big THANK YOU to Penny and Kraig.


We had one of the largest obedience entry ever. We had dogs from Illinois, Nebraska, Wisconsin, North
Dakota and yes even an obedience dog from Minnesota. Our show was judge Mary Higdems last assignment
as a judge, she has now moved to AKC field Representative. Mary will be missed as a great judge
and I am sure she is one of the reasons our obedience entry was as high as it was.


Our great friends from the Wisconsin club jumped right in to ring steward for obedience along with
Diane Felicetta and Erica Morris. We were finished with both obedience and rally that we were able to
rest a bit before the first sweepstakes. Diane's trophies and prizes were just perfect for our entries.
Julie was head of hospitality and everyone felt very welcome and enjoyed all the great touches that
make a fun event.


We had the greatest raffle "event" ever. Kitty and Donna were the contact people, Kitty was able to get
Nylabone, Kong and Revival to donate raffle baskets with many of their products. Not sure how many
baskets we ended up with but there must have been over 35... There will be a complete list of donated
baskets in this newsletter. Donna made great signs and posted them around the fairgrounds. We had
people from the other specialties coming and buying raffle tickets. We brought in $510 in raffle money.
All I can say is HOLY COW.


And did we have food. Kitty brought fresh homemade muffins for breakfast, fresh roasted coffee and
real cream. Nothing worse than the powdered creamer you get to a dog shows. Lunch menu was great,
Karin brought the "all favorite" dog show "hot dog" and fresh smoked turkey, buns and baked beans.
Julie's lemon bars were a great hit again this year. There was fresh fruit, fudge, cookies, chips and
more. We had so much food that no one went away hungry.


During judging there was a lot going on. Sally was picking up judges. I was doing a ringside mentorship
to one of our sweepstakes judges that will be applying for our breed in the next 6 months. People selling
raffle tickets, turning on fans, passing water bottles out and getting in touch with old friends.


It was great to see past members and to see their dogs win at the shows. Paulette Nelson's bitch won
the first specialty with Jan Hasarts dog going Best of Opp, Julie Thate and Cortney Grefe boy Eli finished
his Championship. Donna Schauers bitch Nina (bred by Kitty Keiner) took Winners Bitch for a major.


Second show past member Mark Kroskin's dog went Winners Dog and finished his Championship. Reserve
WD was Mary and Erica Morris's dog Boss. Reserve Winners Bitch and Best Bred By was Paulette
Nelson's puppy bitch.


Best of Breed for the second show was Jan Hasarts male Cisco and Best of Opp was Paulette's bitch.
Julie Thate's girl Bella was Select Bitch. Thanks to everyone that donated trophy money, entered and did
the back breaking work of being at the fairgrounds from sun up to sun down.


Mary Morris Lacy Bauer Erica Morris
Show Chair Asst Show Chair Obedience/Rally Chair




I would like to thank all who contributed to this year’s Specialty Raffle. It truly was a successful
event. I would like to thank the members who were able to solicit donations for the
many corporations for our raffle. (Listed on next page)


And to those members who donated baskets I would like to thank you for your time and


Lacey Bauer, Mary Morris, Erica Morris, Kitty Keiner, Julie Thate, Courtney Grefe, Diane


As Chairperson of the Raffle, I would like to also thank my niece, Carrissa Schauer, and
her friend, Tricia Ewy on their support and help throughout the day. They sold tickets,
helped me with set up and take down, and were our helpers all day.


This would not have been possible without all of you who helped, gave of your time, energy,
and resources to make it a successful event.


Thank you so much,
Donna Schauer-Thiner
Raffle Chair


 This year we had the largest Obedience entry ever. I was a great success! We had people from Nebraska, Illinois, Wisconsin, North Dakota and yes one member from Minnesota.


We shared our judge Mrs. Mary Higdem with the Basset and Old English Club. This helps with judges costs


. High In Trial was Sandy (Trotter) McDonalds, Sandy has been in GSP's for over 30 years. Some of you old tim-ers remember her.


HIGH IN TRIAL OPEN B SUMMERTIME'S RAISING A RACQUET CDX RE JH. Breeder: Ann Carter. By Ch Summertime's Southern Reign MX CDX RAE JH MX-Ch Homesteader's Summertime Heart MX CDX RAE JH. Owner: Sandra & Gary McDonald.


HIGH COMBINED OPEN B/UTILITY B ROCKBOTTOM JUST ANOTHER DOG ED OJP UDX RE OM1 O.Breeder: Brian Jackson. By DC AFC Odyssey's Perfection MH-Ch Jackson Wild Best Savannah. Owner: Carol Mueller.


A note from one of our exhibitors (who happens to have Obedience Dog of the Year 2011)

"Hi Mary! Just wanted to thank you for all the work you did to put on the GSP Specialty. Anytime I get to see all those GSP's in one place is like a dream come true. Great Show, great food, nice set up, wonderful stewards, raffle' What can I say Well worth the trip.

Thank you so much

Carol Mueller "Jade"



This is proof that all the hard work from our members is appreciated.
Mary Morris—Show/Obedience Chair


2012 LMKC Combined Specialty Premium June 8 

2012 Lake MInnetonka Kennel Club Premium June 9-10 



Specialty Show #1 Results

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Obedience Results

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